Yellow Rattle (Hay Rattle) plant plugs

Also known as Hay Rattle, this pretty wild flower attaches to grass roots and suppresses their growth enabling wild flowers to flourish in grass lawns and meadows.

Pre-orders now being taken for delivery mid April 2020. You can buy Yellow Rattle seed via the yellow link further down this page.

The plant plugs here come supplied with host grasses within the plug cells so you can also grow them in flower beds.

Wild flower plant plugs are little plants ready for you to plant out in the ground and are a great alternative to using wild flower seeds if you wish for quick results. These pretty yellow wild flowers do a great job weakening and reducing grass competition for wild flowers in open lawns and meadows. They are annuals and flower throughout the spring and summer and look lovely. Their dry seed pods rattle, hence their name. They shed their seeds from July, which germinate in the spring and become new plants for that year increasing the quantity of plants and the grass suppressing effects for your grassland.

Yellow Rattle plugs will be available from late March to late May when they should be planted straight out into your lawn or meadow; cut your grass low first and remove the cuttings before planting. Stocks do run out fairly quickly in the spring and so advance ordering is a good idea.

Yellow Rattle seed is also available which is useful for larger areas.

For something nice to surround your wild flower area click here to see my ‘fencing’

Purchase Packs

The plant pack sizes will provide you with beautiful, densely floristic results using a planting distance of ½ metre spacing between plants.

Tick the required pack then click Add to Basket.

Area for Planting (m2):

  • Up to 3m2
    15 plants
  • Up to 5m2
    30 plants
  • Up to 12m2
    60 plants
  • Up to 30m2
    150 plants

Quantities can be adjusted in the shopping basket