False Turf - Artificial grass

Although wild flower areas are well provided for around my office, the main path to my doors is not a mown strip through wild flower grassland, it is artificial grass. This may come as a surprise to some, but artificial grass has come a long way since its early days. I like it because it drains well and does not get muddy after rains or icy in the winter. It looks great, like a neatly mown lawn and is far nicer and softer than concrete or paving slabs. It is also maintenance free.

So many people have asked about my artificial grass that I have now added it to the products for sale on my website. I deliver all over Britain and can even lay your artificial grass for you, but the laying service is provided within East Sussex only. Please contact me if you have any queries. I sell two types of artificial grass because these are the two I like the best out of many I have tested:

Classic Neat Lawn

The first is my ‘Classic Neat Lawn’, which is shown in the photo above, pictured outside my office. It has a short grass height at 2cm (¾ inch) and not too dense, like a neat close mown lawn. This makes it easy to clean off debris like fallen leaves using a broom or leaf blower. It dries very quickly following rain and is just so practical, that’s why I like it. It’s also a quality low price turf retailing at £12.95 per square metre plus vat.

Close ups of my ‘Classic Neat Lawn’ artificial grass

Luxury Lawn

The other artificial grass turf I have for sale is the ‘Luxury Lawn’ (see photo below) it has a higher cut appearance at 4cm (1½ inches) with a bit of thatch beneath, for extra realism and act as a cushion, it looks so real and is lovely and soft. Being thicker you can stick it to patio areas or other hard surfaces and lay or sit on it in great comfort. It is my luxury turf retailing at £23.50 per square metre plus vat.

Close ups of my ‘Luxury Lawn’ artificial grass

Photos do not do this quality product justice, I advise you to order a sample if you are interested in this turf so you can see it and feel it in reality, it is the finest I have ever come across.

Below you can see my ‘Luxury Lawn’ on the top patio terrace and my ‘Classic Neat Lawn’ on either side of the lower terrace where the pond is:

Here is another photo of the same design:

Using artificial grass turf is quite easy. Cut the turf to the shape required as you would when laying carpet. I have used a glue called ‘Gripfill’ by Evo-stick to fix the latex turf backing to paving slabs or concrete but I am sure there are other products out there that would work fine as well.

Here is a view of the tough latex backing on the underside of the turf with its drainage holes:

Both turf products are available in 2 metre or 4 metre wide rolls, they have joining strips on the edges to allow you to glue rolls side by side for wider areas. Each roll comes as a maximum of 25 metres long however you can order any length from 1 metre upwards but the width options supplied are 2 metres or 4 metres.

Artificial grass turf has a ‘nap’ (like when a lawn is mown in one direction by a cylinder mower) so when laying separate lengths of turf together ensure you have the ‘nap’ running in the same direction to give it the best look. This is quite obvious when you see it.

Once the turf is laid brush the pile with a stiff brush or broom to bring it back to life as the grass can get flattened when rolled up in transit.

Where you want to create more formal areas using my artificial grass and there is no hard base to lay it on, it is a good idea to create a sub base, click here for basic instructions for creating a sub-base for this purpose.

Here are some other great uses for my artificial grass

  • Peg it straight onto the earth where you have bare areas beneath shrubberies and shade bearing trees, to give the appearance of extended grassland; it will also act as an attractive weed suppressant where you have problems with nettles. Or use it to temporarily cover old bonfire scarred areas when not in use, like in the photo below, where a strip of my ‘Luxury Lawn’ artificial turf has been used. When you wish to use the bonfire its easy to just pull it up and use elsewhere or roll it up to store behind the shed for next time.

  • Peg it over sections of the lawn to make mud free paths between the house and the garden shed, it saves changing your shoes! If you keep the turf down all winter I have found earthworms can push their earth casts up through the drainage holes in the turf, bringing some mud up onto it; to avoid this it is helpful to lay a piece of thin weed suppressant membrane under the turf before pegging it down.

Create a temporary or permanent all weather path through grassland with artificial turf

  • Place it around outdoor paddling and swimming pools to prevent mud and grass being taken into the pools
  • All season play areas for schools or in the garden where conventional lawns would get muddy and ripped up.

  • For using instead of carpet in an attic or kids play room, the photo shows my ‘Luxury Lawn’ artificial grass used in an attic conversion.

  • On the right hand side of the photo below you can see how the grass was used to give a soft clean cover to a scruffy old defunct chimney breast in the attic, to save the cost and mess of plastering it.

  • For covering the black felt or rubber on a shed roof


If you wish to purchase a sample of either or both of my two turfs so you can feel the quality of the product and help you decide which one you would prefer for your project, just click on the samples box to the right to obtain these.


Purchase Options

Priced per metre length in either a 2m or 4m wide roll i.e. 1x2m or 1x4m minimum size.

Half metre length increments are available, please contact me for this.

Tick the lawn option below and enter the desired length in metres then press Add to Basket. The total cost is calculated in the shopping basket.

Classic Neat Lawn:

Prices shown include vat
  • Classic 2m width
  • Classic 4m width
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(£12.95 per m2 ex.vat)

Luxury Lawn:

Prices shown include vat
  • Luxury 2m width
  • Luxury 4m width
  • Sample of Luxury
(£23.50 per m2 ex.vat)

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Rolls are delivered in a maximum uncut length of 25 metres.