Wild flower plant collections for chalk or limestone soils

Wild flower plants fully grown in 9cm pots

My wild flower plant collections – 10 mature plants of flowering age are robust plants much bigger than plugs, in 9cm diameter pots, labelled with the name of each wild flower and ready for planting.

I have carefully chosen these selections of species for their combination of flowering times (listed below) to provide you with a colourful continuous show from April till October or longer. I have also chosen the species for their beauty and wildlife value, especially for butterflies and bees. These plants will come up year after year and are fully hardy.

I have three wild flower collections available for chalk or limestone soils

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Wild Flowers Flowering period
Cowslip – Primula veris April – May
Dropwort – Filipendula vulgaris May – Aug
Bird's-foot Trefoil – Lotus corniculatus June – Sept
Clustered Bellflower – Campanula glomerate June – Sept
Oxeye Daisy – Leucanthemum vulgare June – Aug
Wild Carrot – Daucus carota June – Aug
Meadow Cranesbill – Geranium pratense June – Sept
Greater Knapweed – Centaurea scabiosa July – Sept
Field Scabious – Knautia arvensis July – Sept
Devil's-bit Scabious – Succisa pratensis July – Nov

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Wild Flowers Flowering period
Common Dog Violet – Viola riviniana March-May
Wild Thyme – Thymus polytrichus May – July
Salad Burnet – Poterium sanguisorba May – Aug
Agrimony – Agrimonia eupatoria June – Aug
Kidney Vetch – Anthyllis vulneraria June – Sept
Common Knapweed – Centaurea nigra June – Sept
Autumn Hawkbit – Leontodon autumnalis June – Oct
Yarrow – Achillea millefolium June – Oct
Small Scabious – Scabiosa columbaria July – Aug
Wild Basil – Clinopodium vulgare July – Sept

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Wild Flowers Flowering period
Meadow Vetchling – Lathyrus pratensis May – Aug
Red Clover – Trifolium pratense May – Sept
Bladder Campion – Silene vulgaris June – Aug
Rough Hawkbit – Leontodon hispidus June – Sept
Selfheal – Prunella vulgaris June – Sept
Lady's Bedstraw – Galium verum July – Aug
Viper’s Bugloss – Echium vulgare July – Sept
Harebell – Campanula rotundifolia July – Sept
Common Restharrow – Ononis repens July – Sept
Common Toadflax – Linaria vulgaris July – Oct

Please note very occasionally a species may become temporarily unavailable within a collection whereby I will replace it with one just as special and suitable.

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