Wild flower plant collections for a low flowering lawn

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Wild flower plants fully grown in 9cm pots

Due to very high volume of orders please allow up to 2 weeks for delivery

These wild flowers will tolerate of a regular mowing regime and so you can maintain a short mown lawn yet still enjoy all the benefits of colourful wild flowers. The plants I have selected for my collections flower lower down on short stems and flower quite prolifically and resume flowering quite quickly following mowing. Just plant them straight into your lawn and then reduce your mowing frequency to once every 3 weeks and maintain a cutting height of between 2 to 3 inches to create a fabulous wild flower lawn, great for bees, butterflies and humans!

My wild flower plant collections consist of 10 mature plants of flowering age; these are robust plants much bigger than plugs, in 9cm diameter pots, labelled with the name of each wild flower and ready for planting.

I have carefully chosen these selections of species for their combination of flowering times (listed below) to provide you with a colourful continuous show from April till October or longer. I have also chosen the species for their beauty and wildlife value, especially for butterflies and bees. These plants will come up year after year and are fully hardy.

I have two wild flower collections available for wild flower lawns

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Wild Flowers Flowering period
Lawn Daisy – Bellis perennis March – Oct
Cowslip – Primula veris April – May
Meadow Buttercup – Ranunculus acris May – July
Birds-foot-trefoil – Lotus corniculatus June – Sept
Red Clover – Trifolium pratense May – Sept
White Clover – Trifolium repens May – Oct
Greater Birds-foot-trefoil – Lotus pedunculatus June – Aug
Oxeye Daisy – Leucanthemum vulgare May – July
Selfheal – Prunella vulgaris June – Sept
Lawn Chamomile – Anthemis noblis For fragrance non-flowering

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Wild Flowers Flowering period
Dog Violet – Viola riviniana March – May
Ragged Robin – Silene flos-cuculi May – July
Meadow Vetchling – Lathryus pratensis May – Aug
Greater Birds-foot-trefoil – Lotus pedunculatus June – Aug
Agrimony – Agrimonia eupatoria June – Aug
Wild Thyme – Thymus polytrichus June – Aug
Kidney Vetch – Anthyllis vulneraria June – Sept
Common Knapweed – Centaurea nigra June – Sept
Yarrow – Achillea millefolium June – Oct
Lady's Bedstraw – Galium verum July – Aug

Please note very occasionally a species may become temporarily unavailable within a collection whereby I will replace it with one just as special and suitable.