Wild flower plug plants for sale

Wild flower plant plugWild flower plug plants are little plants ready for you to plant out in the ground. They are a great alternative to using wild flower seeds if you wish for quick results.

Being hardy natives you can plant them at any time of year: spring, summer, autumn or winter or you can leave them in their pots for a couple of weeks to let them get even bigger before planting out.

I have created my own unique collections of wildflower plant plugs to suit your planting requirements. Just like my seed mixtures my plug collections are very rich in wild flower species. I have selected the best and most attractive wild flowers for each situation to provide you with a very long season of flowering with beautiful variations in colour and form. Each collection contains plants of 15 different wild flower species except for my native annual collection and my single species Yellow Rattle plant plug collection.

To see how my plant plugs are planted take a look at the blog post by clicking here.

What my customers say:
Just wanted to drop you a quick note to say how wonderful your plug plants were when they turned up on Friday. Packaging and courier were excellent, they arrived in great shape. I’ve already potted them on waiting for the right time to plant them into my meadow area. Being in Kent, I’m waiting for the drought to end!!! Many thanks, Caroline

For planting in long grass situations I recommend you use my mature plants collections which are in 9cm pots, click here to view these. Always water plants after planting them.

I can contract grow larger bespoke wild flower plant orders for customers.

Note of interest: I found the following company’s unique plant pest deterrent products of particular interest due to their safe ingredients, beneficial side-effects on the plants and non-harmful effects on the target pest. Their products are plant protectors and not pesticides. I have used the G2 formula on my plant plugs and mature plants and found them effective against slugs and snails; repeat treatment I found beneficial as the plant grows and produces new leaves and also after periods of rain. Click here to visit their website.

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