Yellow Rattle seed


Yellow Rattle seed

Now is the time to buy Yellow Rattle seed for sowing. My Yellow Rattle seed sale page can be accessed by clicking here. It is all locally harvested.

Yellow Rattle is a native wild flower plant that does a great job weakening and reducing grass competition for wild flowers in grassy areas. They are annuals and flower throughout the spring and summer and look lovely. Their dry seed pods rattle, hence their name. They shed their seeds from July, which germinate in the spring and become new plants and continue the grass suppressing effects for your grassland.





















The best time to sow Yellow Rattle seed is between August and February. It enjoys being exposed to the winter cold which assists germination, which happens during late March or April.

You should sow your Yellow Rattle seed over the surface of the ground having first cut the grass very tight and removed the cuttings. The rain will wash the seed down to the base of the grass where it will germinate in the spring and attach onto the grass roots. I suggest you sow at a rate of 0.5 grams of seed per square metre; I have developed my pack sizes to reflect this. To view my blog article on how to enhance a grassy field using Yellow Rattle click here.

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