Nothing is happening in my seeded area – help!


Nothing is happening in my seeded area – help!

In May a lot of people worry that they are not seeing much evidence of the wild flowers they sowed as seed a month or two ago…do not be concerned, most of our native perennial wild flowers do not germinate until mid June or later, it is mainly the annual wild flowers which germinate during April and May. So relax and think of your wild flower bed like growing teenagers… they don’t get out of bed early either!

Also remember that many perennial wild flowers grown from seed usually spend their first year bulking up their leaf and root growth rather than flowering and so think of the second year as their time to shine and every year thereafter. Annuals however flower in their first year following seeding this is why I add them to my luxury seed mixes in order to give you bright gorgeous colour in the first year too  smile,emotion,emoticon,happy

A word of caution – the thing that can keep a seeded wild flower area bare is wild rabbits, it only takes a couple to nip out all the germinating little seedlings to leave your area barren. You will hardly notice that anything has germinated before they nip them out, so please if you have any wild rabbits visiting your seeded area at night use some rabbit netting to keep them out for the first 18 months, after that period of time you can remove it if you wish as amongst mature plants they will only graze areas short but will not kill the actual plants.


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