How to lay wild flower turf


How to lay wild flower turf

Here is a simple step by step guide to laying my wild flower turf, this example shows my popular ‘extra floristic low flowering lawn turf’.

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The above laying and initial management guide applies to all my wild flower turfs, however my ‘wild flower meadow turf’ and ‘shade tolerant wild flower meadow turf’ should be left to grow on without any further cuts (after the initial one outlined above to thicken it at the base) until the end of the summer when it should be cut down short and the cuttings raked clear.

My ‘extra floristic low flowering lawn turf’ and ‘standard low flowering lawn turf’ should be cut on a cycle of every 3 to 6 weeks depending upon how you like it to look and how short you wish to maintain it, assuming that you wish to maintain it as a lawn rather than a floristic mini-meadow (which is an option for my ‘extra floristic low flowering lawn turf’). If you wish these turfs to be short, dense, functional lawns then it is worth cutting them down tight to 1 or 2 inches every couple of weeks for the first few months during the growing season as this trains the plants to flower lower down and causes it to knit in quite tightly at ground level, in difference to a meadow turf which will grow tall and when eventually cut at the end of the summer (about September time) will be more gappy and less tight at the base, just like a little hay meadow would be. It will however green up and grow a few inches before the end of the year and so it will still provide green cover over the winter months until spring when it will begin flowering all over again.  

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