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How to lay wild flower turf

Here is a simple step by step guide to laying my wild flower turf, this example shows my popular ‘extra floristic low flowering lawn turf’. Click on each picture to enlarge it:   The above laying and initial management guide applies to all my wild flower turfs, however my ‘wild flower meadow turf’ and ‘shade tolerant wild flower meadow turf’ … Continue reading

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Planting a lawn with my low flowering lawn plant plugs

My customers often send me in pictures of their wild flower projects. Here is a nice one from Sara Bailey in Yorkshire who has just planted 150 ‘Low flowering lawn’ plant plugs into her freshly mown lawn. She said “we used a lawn weed remover to remove a core of earth just larger than the plugs, watered the hole, then … Continue reading

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How to create a wild flower lawn

How to create a wild flower lawn in easy stages. Following my instruction sheet on using my best selling Low Flowering Lawn seed mix containing wild orchids, which you can see pictures of and buy by clicking on this link here Instructions for creating your ‘low flowering wild flower lawn’ Ideally choose a site that receives a reasonable amount of … Continue reading

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Wild Flower Turf

Wild flower turf for sale with wild orchid seeds. Nationwide delivery. To view my three wild flower turf types click here. My wild flower turf is lighter than conventional lawn turf and easy to lay, just like carpet. It has a biodegradable weed suppressant membrane to stop weeds growing up from underneath it. To lay it cultivate the ground to … Continue reading

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Yellow Rattle seed

Now is the time to buy Yellow Rattle seed for sowing. My Yellow Rattle seed sale page can be accessed by clicking here. It is all locally harvested. Yellow Rattle is a native wild flower plant that does a great job weakening and reducing grass competition for wild flowers in grassy areas. They are annuals and flower throughout the spring … Continue reading

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I like this positive news item

Tailored strips of wildflowers allow pest-eating insects to spread throughout crop fields, reducing the need for pesticides. We meet the team behind the trial that puts flower power at the fore…read more by clicking on the piece below: Out with pesticides, in with wildflowers

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Slug and snail deterrents

I found the following company’s unique plant pest deterrent products of particular interest due to their safe ingredients, beneficial side-effects on the plants and non-harmful effects on the target pest. The products are plant protectors and not pesticides. I have used their G2 formula on my plant plugs and mature plants and found them effective against slugs and snails; repeat … Continue reading

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I will be back at BBC Countryfile Live again this August

I will be back at the BBC Countryfile Live Show at Blenheim Palace from Aug 3rd till 6th (Thursday till Sunday), come and see me at stand B03 along Craven Avenue in the garden area.

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Wild Orchids

  At this time of year many people are thinking about planting my wild flower bulbs for the early spring however I thought it is worth mentioning that our wild Orchids are not dissimilar in their development, forming an underground tuber or rhizome first, before putting up a flower spike. My selection of wild Orchid seed can be sown at … Continue reading

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Seeds for Bach Flower Remedy plants, Scleranthus, Mustard etc.

I have been impressed by the large number of people contacting me for seeds of plants used in Bach Flower Remedies, in response to this I have done my best to collect as many species seeds as I can including Autumn Gentian, Scleranthus, Centaury, Common Rock-rose, Heather, Wild Mustard, all of which you can see for sale on my uncommon … Continue reading

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